Durakote Onsite


What is Durakote?

Durakote is an anti-corrosion application that prevents premature dirt accumulation on the coils of your air conditioning unit. Developed exclusively for Concepcion-Carrier Airconditioning Company, it is a first of its kind in the Philippines. It’s a non-toxic and environment-friendly application that provides a lot of benefits for optimum cooling.

Durakote Onsite
A safe and reliable anti-corrosion application that saves you money and extends the life of your airconditioning unit

Why you need Durakote?

All airconditioning units are prone to corrosion or rust, which:

  • Decreases the performance of your unit
  • Increases your electricity consumption
  • Puts you at risk of unit break down
  • Can hit your budget as a costly parts replacement

By applying Durakote to your window room air conditioners unit within the first six months of purchase you can double the lifetime of its two most critical and expensive components -- the compressor and the coils, which can cost as much as 50% of your unit’ s value!

We support this product through an extended four year warranty on your coil, in addition to the standard one year manufacturer’s warranty.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Benefits of Durakote:

  • Cuts Electricity Cost by at least 10%
    Your aircon contributes anywhere from 20–50% of your electricity bill, depending on how well it’s performing. Durakote can save you around P6,0001 a year in electricity costs by maintaining smooth airflow and keeping your aircon at optimum performance levels.

  • Reduce your maintenance costs by 15%
    By keeping your unit in better condition, Durakote cuts your maintenance needs in half. From cleaning your unit quarterly, Durakote lets you do cleaning for just twice a year. That’s another potential saving of around P1,0002 a year.

  • Doubles the life of your key parts
    Corrosion is the #1 enemy to your unit’s compressor and coil – the most vital parts of your aircon. Durakote’s one of a kind protective coating rust- proofs these vital parts that could save you well over P15,0003 in parts replacement costs.

  • Maintains cooling efficiency
    Durakote helps keep you cool all year round, protecting your aircon from corrosion and dirt that degrade its performance. As performance goes down, the costs of running your aircon goes up!

  • Protects the health of your family
    Your aircon can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, elements that are harmful to the health of your family. Durakote’s water-resistant coating prevents moisture from accumulating on the coil of your unit by keeping it clean and dry, eliminating the possibility of these dangers. Its Nano Silver technology also protects the surface from all types of microbial contamination.

  • 100% eco friendly
    Durakote is non-toxic and waterbased, making it environmentally friendly and completely safe for both your family and the planet. Durakote can be easily sprayed onto your unit’s coil and it will dry almost instantly – no mess, no fuss.

Sample Computation

  2.5 HP
Power Consumption (Watt) 2,608
Operation / Days (Hrs) 6
Total Power Consumption (Kw - Hr) / Day 15.648
Ave. Electricity Cost (Peso / Kw-Hr) 10
Power Cost (Php) / Day 156.48
Total Power Cost (Php) / Month 4,694.4
Efficiency Savings of Durakote (%) 10%
Monthly Electricity Savings (Php) 469.44
Yearly Electricity Savings (Php) 5,633.28
Cost of Durakote coating with GC 1,800
ROI (months) 3

To know more about Durakote or avail of Durakote Onsite, contact Concepcion-Carrier Customer Care. 

1 Based on 2.5HP WRAC running 6 hours per day, at an average electricity cost of P10 per Kw-Hr)
2 Based on expire rates of P500 per cleaning x 4 cleans reduced to  2 cleans (saves P1,000)
3 Based on Totaline costs of compressor and coil for WRAC 2.5HP